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Love Knot Photo

Alicia Bruce
Love Knot Photo
Loudoun County, Virginia

Oh, to be a baby. To be showered in unconditional love before you even emerge into the world and take your first breath. If I’m being really honest though, I’m envious over the yummy knits that baby Hollis was given at his baby shower. The teachers and employees of Finch Sewing & Knitting Studio hosted an intimate party for owner Nicole in which we showered her with handmade goodies for the newest member of her family. Hollis is going to be one well-dressed and cozy little guy this winter.

When Nicole asked me to photograph the baby (his name was a kept secret until his birth day) several months before the due date, I can honestly say I was humbled by the request. I’d never photographed a baby before, and everyone knows I’m a little skittish around babies. “Are you sure?” I asked her several times. She said she believes in me and assured me that I wouldn’t ‘break’ her baby. Hollis was born on December 22nd and his big photographic debut happened 8 days later at home with his parents, his older brother and sister, and his Grammy. aliciabruce-lkp-34 aliciabruce-lkp-36 aliciabruce-lkp-38 aliciabruce-lkp-39 aliciabruce-lkp-40 aliciabruce-lkp-42 aliciabruce-lkp-43 aliciabruce-lkp-44 aliciabruce-lkp-46 aliciabruce-lkp-47 aliciabruce-lkp-48 aliciabruce-lkp-50 babyhollis-100 babyhollis-102 babyhollis-103 babyhollis-104 babyhollis-105 babyhollis-107 babyhollis-108 babyhollis-109 babyhollis-110 babyhollis-111 babyhollis-114 babyhollis-116 babyhollis-117 babyhollis-118 babyhollis-120 babyhollis-122 babyhollis-123 babyhollis-124 babyhollis-125 babyhollis-127 babyhollis-129

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