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Love and be Loved Photography

Tracy Wiebe
Love and be Loved Photography
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Per Meagan, the lovely mother-to-be in the photographs below:

“We met though Jaimie’s sister, who was a close friend and mentor in my life. His sister had ideas of me becoming Jaimie’s wife long ago, but the age difference between us held that off till I “grew up.” Our love story is so simple and complex all in one. We give credit to God, who so beautifully wove our lives together – and that is the full, simple truth. I remember being interested in Jaimie for at least three years before we even started connecting. In January of 2010 we started dating. I always thought it was frustrating when I would ask older women how they knew their man was “the one,” but I laugh now and tell others the same thing – “you just know.” I realized quickly that Jaimie was a respectable and wonderful man who I wanted to journey with for life. As spring rolled around and I finished my first year of nursing school, I remember Jaimie asking me, “Where do you see us in a year from now?” I probably blushed and redirected the question, “I don’t know. Where do you see us?” He said plainly and confidently, “Not still dating.” Two months later he asked me to marry him while we rocked on the waves of park lake, umbrella over head (because it was rainy). We were flying to Mexico on our 7-month-anniversary for our honeymoon. Three years later we are excited to meet our sweet wee one. The blessings around us are too many to count. It is such a special time and we were excited to celebrate it with a photo shoot on our anniversary.

I would have to say, if you are asking me to narrow it down, that the biggest hurdle or greatest truth all boils down to expectations. When we find ourselves disappointed or angry it is usually because we had expectations that aren’t met. I’m not saying we throw all expectations out- but when we let the ones that aren’t fair or helpful go, we get to start letting one another surprise us. Expectations come from family backgrounds and ideas we have built over years. Three years in, I think we have managed to filter out some “bad” expectations. We have started giving freedom to one another to live and become everything that Christ has called us to. What I love about Jaimie is that he is such a solid rock. He steadies me and brings unique perspectives to my life. He’s this wonderful mixture of strength and tenderness.”

Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-2 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-3 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-5 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-6 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-8 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-9 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-10 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-11 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-12 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-13 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-15 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-16 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-17 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-20 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-21 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-22 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-24 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-25 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-26 Meagan-Jaimie-Maternity-Love-and-be-Loved-Photography-30

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