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Little White Feather Photography

Tara Jurevicius
Little White Feather Photography
Springdale, AR

Hello there! I’m Tara of Little White Feather Photography. Photography has always been a big part of my life, although I just bought my first DSLR a few short years ago. My time in this journey has been devoted to learning, learning, and learning; learning all I can take in, then making it my own. Now is when the business side is coming in. Learn, learn, learn! This session was just amazing, the 9 day old came in fed and ready to go, it was a dream newborn shoot. He took an hour and then we were all heading back home. The little guy was peaceful and so was the shoot.

DSC_2559 DSC_2581 DSC_2597 DSC_2603 copy DSC_2615 DSC_2629 copy DSC_2686 copy DSC_2744 DSC_2749 DSC_2758 copy DSC_2794 DSC_2806 DSC_2810 DSC_2817 DSC_2827 copy DSC_2831 DSC_2841 copy DSC_2847 copy DSC_2849 DSC_2856 DSC_2857 copy DSC_2859 DSC_2896

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