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Little Fish Photo

Erika Roa
Little Fish Photo
Poulsbo, Washington

Erika is wife, mother, and long term sufferer of wanderlust.  She currently lives with her family in small town western Washington.  Erika runs a lifestyle and documentary photography business where she works with each client to create a unique, activity based session that is personal to them.  She loves pretty light and pretty pictures, but loves real moments and honesty much, much, more.  

Prior to this family session mom mentioned that their family loved hiking and camping.  In fact, not only did she and her husband get married at a campground, but she divulged to me after their session that her husband initially won her affection over a perfectly roasted marshmallow.  For their family session it was decided we would all meet at the beautiful, lush, Scenic Beach state park, make some s’mores with their two little ones, and then make our way down to the beach to let there kids run while and explore. It was a session full of love, life, laughter and adventure.


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