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Little Bud Photography

Corrie Heisey
Little Bud Photography
Cameron, North Carolina

This was a lifestyle newborn session (My first with an actual newborn!  Previous to this session the youngest baby I’d worked with was 6 weeks old.) at my clients’ home.  Baby Elise was 4 days old on the day of our session and was as sweet as can be.  I wanted this session to feel cozy, intimate, and to convey a sense of contentment.  This family is so much fun and so kind and I know they were overjoyed to be bringing home a second daughter.  There’s also a feeling of relaxation and family that I think exists when it is a second baby instead of a first and I wanted that to come across as well.

I really discovered photography in a serious way 2 years ago when I bought a DSLR before my husband’s second deployment.  He’s active duty Army and would be gone for a year.  Since our daughter was 6 months old and I didn’t want him to miss a moment with her I decided to do a photo-a-day project for him and upload at least one picture of her each day.  During that year I became obsessed with photography and I learned as much as I could, bought a couple of new lenses, and fell in love with taking pictures.

I only decided this past fall to transition to professional photography and after a few months of portfolio-building I officially started my business in January 2013.  I absolutely love working with all of my clients but my heart is truly in newborn/baby/and child photography and I’d like to specialize in newborn and child photography as I grow my business.

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