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Little Bloom Studio

Brittany Woodall
Little Bloom Studio
Asheville, NC

My home studio is located a little south of Asheville, NC and is situated on 20 acres of rolling grassy fields and beautiful wooded trails. I have been photographing kids of all ages for 10 years now, but I’ve specialized in newborns specifically for a little over six years. While I do love shooting in my studio, many of my clients are actually photographers themselves who I often travel out of state to photograph for. Photographers often encounter a common obstacle: finding the opportunity to be on the OTHER side of the camera! This is especially true soon after the birth of a new baby. Many times the last thing a new Mother, who is also a photographer, has the energy to do is photographing her own new baby; much less be IN the pictures! My clients, who are also photographers, find great relief in the fact that I am there taking a huge burden off their shoulders in doing newborn pictures of their little one. They can sit back and relax knowing that they will have beautiful pictures of their precious baby. I’m also there to insure that mama gets in the pictures!! One of my favorite things to do is photograph mamas and their new babies. There is nothing more touching and beautiful than the bond between a Mother and her baby. I feel honored to be there and capture that beautiful and fleeting moment in time forever. Another reason I LOVE photographing photographer’s newborns? The creative component! Since my Photographer clients and I share the same craving for bold and creative ideas, this has allowed me to really exercise creative freedom and create some really amazing pictures that might not have been possible with the average client!

This recent session of mine took place in Detroit, Michigan. The mama of this beautiful boy is the amazing newborn photographer at Works of Love Photography (

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