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Little Bird Photography

Heather Eijzenga
Little Bird Photography
Oahu, HI

These beautiful sisters are equal parts princess and warrior, and I wanted to capture their spirit. Living on an island, I always find myself shooting at the beach, but for these girls the forest seemed to be the ideal location. They were delighted at the prospect of exploring their very own secret forest. They picked out their own clothes and even fashioned a bow and arrow out of bamboo from their yard. Together we set out to explore and were enchanted by tiny birds and giant beetles. The setting sun dragged us back to reality. It was a school night after all. Heather is the owner of Little Bird Photography and specializes in fun family and child photography on the sunny island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Heather_Eijzenga_0001 Heather_Eijzenga_0002 Heather_Eijzenga_0003 Heather_Eijzenga_0004 Heather_Eijzenga_0005 Heather_Eijzenga_0006 Heather_Eijzenga_0007 Heather_Eijzenga_0008 Heather_Eijzenga_0009 Heather_Eijzenga_0010 Heather_Eijzenga_0011 Heather_Eijzenga_0012 Heather_Eijzenga_0013 Heather_Eijzenga_0014 Heather_Eijzenga_0015 Heather_Eijzenga_0016

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