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Little Bird Photography

Heather Eijzenga
Little Bird Photography
Oahu, HI

This family was visiting Oahu for vacation and had rented a home on the north shore adjacent to stunning Ke Iki Beach. It was an epically beautiful morning. Salt spray filled the air and a light layer of clouds softened the sun. It created a warm, cozy atmosphere. The family laughed and ran and played as if in a dream. It was fun to see their personalities emerge. Max is a confident gymnast, bold, and quick to laugh, while Violet is shy, sweet, and silly, clutching her lovey in the sand. We lucked out with a low tide, so we had to explore before heading back. The kids gingerly walked over the tidal flats discovering an abundance of fish, crabs, snails, and urchins. It was a beautiful morning.

Heather is the owner of Little Bird Photography and specializes in fun family and child photography on the sunny island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Little-Bird-Photography_0001 Little-Bird-Photography_0002 Little-Bird-Photography_0003 Little-Bird-Photography_0004 Little-Bird-Photography_0005 Little-Bird-Photography_0006 Little-Bird-Photography_0007 Little-Bird-Photography_0008 Little-Bird-Photography_0009 Little-Bird-Photography_0010 Little-Bird-Photography_0011 Little-Bird-Photography_0012 Little-Bird-Photography_0013 Little-Bird-Photography_0014 Little-Bird-Photography_0015 Little-Bird-Photography_0016 Little-Bird-Photography_0017 Little-Bird-Photography_0018 Little-Bird-Photography_0019 Little-Bird-Photography_0020

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