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Leslie Leavitt Photography

Leslie Leavitt
Leslie Leavitt Photography
Omaha, NE

Stephanie, the mother to be, lives in a gorgeous apartment in downtown Omaha, right next to The Old Market. Her home has floor to ceiling windows and an amazing view of the city and the river. There could be no better place to take her maternity photos. I love nothing more than to capture simple and effortless images in a space that is so unique and comfortable. This session was filled with so much happiness, beautiful details, and amazing light. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

LeslieLeavittPhotography05 LeslieLeavittPhotography06 LeslieLeavittPhotography07 LeslieLeavittPhotography08 LeslieLeavittPhotography09 LeslieLeavittPhotography11 LeslieLeavittPhotography12 LeslieLeavittPhotography13 LeslieLeavittPhotography14 LeslieLeavittPhotography15 LeslieLeavittPhotography16 LeslieLeavittPhotography17 LeslieLeavittPhotography18 LeslieLeavittPhotography19 LeslieLeavittPhotography20 LeslieLeavittPhotography21 LeslieLeavittPhotography23 LeslieLeavittPhotography24 LeslieLeavittPhotography25 LeslieLeavittPhotography26

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