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Leanne Vice Photography

Leanne Vice
Leanne Vice Photography
Nashville, TN

Baby Dalton’s newborn session took place at his home in Atlanta, GA. I love photographing sessions in client’s homes, particularly newborn sessions, because mom is still recovering and it is so nice for her not to have to travel. There is a transition with every new baby in how long it takes to get out the door, and it removes so much stress for families to be able to stay home. Allyson was able to relax while we took photos of Dalton on his own and then she and her husband Dallas joined us for the end of the session.

I prefer natural positioning for newborns because they do so many cute things on their own and I love seeing babies comfortable. I cherish capturing the flaky newborn skin and the faces they make, so I don’t retouch much and I usually don’t remove diapers unless the parents request naked shots. All of these things make for a very calm, comfortable session.

Leanne Vice is a Nashville-area film photographer that specializes in babies and families. She is mom to 3 boys under four years old and enjoys watching Netflix and long baths. When Leanne is not photographing families or her boys she loves going to Disney World with her family.

Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0830 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0831 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0832 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0833 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0834 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0835 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0836 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0837 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0838 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0839 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0840 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0841 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0842 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0843 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0844 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0845 Dalton-Image-By-Leanne-Vice-Photography-of-Nashville_0846

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