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Lauren Pressey Photography

Lauren Pressey
Lauren Pressey Photography
Los Angeles, CA

The anxiousness I experience before a session has yet to go away – even after 7 years of photographing kids & their families.  It’s a good thing, really.  My prep begins with visualizing the images that I know I want to capture, sprinkling those throughout the session, and leaving the time in between open for the creativity that comes from the connection I develop with my subjects.  The fact is, you never know what you’re going to get, what kind of mood the children are going to be in, and how much trust your subjects will have in you.  All of it is important, all of it is a balancing act, and all of it is why it is so rewarding.

This amazing mom and her equally amazing son were everything I could have hoped for.  They were ready for anything and also truly connected with our location.  Little Z had a few tricks up his sleeve, as well, including an amazing airplane impression and incredible scooter skills.  It made for a really well-balanced session and gave me a ton of creative flexibility.

I am a Los Angeles based photographer and have two crazy kids of my own.  All images shot with the Nikon D800.

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