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Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Thomas
Lauren Jolly Photography
Winston-Salem, NC

The Hunter family shared with me what it was like for their son to arrive 2 months early, learning to cope with visiting him in the NICU, and how far they’ve come since then. They wanted to celebrate their little family with a portrait session and I’m so glad they contacted me. The session was at Merritt’s Pasture in Chapel Hill, NC and we were met with beautiful light and cool weather.

I started my business 5 years ago as a wedding photographer, but after the birth of my son and some soul-searching, I realized that my true passion was for birth, new life, and family photography. I made the switch around the same time that I started shooting film and I’m so glad I did! It’s made a world of difference in my work and challenged me in a whole new way.

HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-1 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-2 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-3 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-5 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-6 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-7 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-8 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-9 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-10 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-11 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-12 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-13 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-14 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-15 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-16 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-17 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-18 HunterFamily_LaurenJollyPhotography-19

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