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Lauren Ann Photography

Lauren Kaczmarski
Lauren Ann Photography
Charlotte, NC; session: Chapel Hill, NC

I am a lifestyle photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina, focused on celebrating the family. I believe that photography is less about taking photos and more about seeing, listening, and waiting for sacred moments. I choose to focus on authentic interactions. The expression your husband gives you when he is teasing you. The way a sleepless father gazes down at his newborn daughter’s tiny toes with utter pride, humility, and gratefulness.

To say this newborn session is special to me would be a gross understatement. Not only was I documenting a gorgeous family welcoming home their baby girl, but I was capturing my best friend of 23 years blossom into a mother. My sweet friend Darcy lives a few hours away, but the distance has never stopped her from hopping into the car to come meet my children when they were merely a few hours old in the hospital. What an honor it was for me to be the one hopping on the interstate this time to go meet her beautiful baby girl, Ava. I just love that Ava has inherited her mama’s enviable eyelashes and her daddy’s easygoing disposition. How special to witness and capture Ava’s first sponge bath, along with so many doting kisses from mom and dad. I think my favorite part of lifestyle photography is capturing those perfect, in-between moments: dressing baby after her bath, catching a passing reflection of the family in the gallery wall mirror, eating a hearty vegetable stew, and snuggling in bed on a cold January day.

Darcy and Kyle’s home served as the perfect backdrop for their session: soothing, neutral colors, cozy textures, and natural window light perfectly illuminated this new family of three.

Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-3 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-4 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-6 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-7 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-9 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-11 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-12 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-16 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-18 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-26 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-27 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-28 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-29 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-31 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-46 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-50 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-54 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-58 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-72 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-75 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-78 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-80 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-82 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-84 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-89 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-90 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-92 Ava Cooper_Newborn Session-93

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