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Laura Gattis Photography

Laura Gattis
Laura Gattis Photography
Tampa, FL

We had a break in the weather here; cool and crisp outside.  I knew I had to take advantage of it, so 30 minutes before sunset I grabbed my favorite subject, my daughter Isla, and headed out for an 18 month photo shoot…a month late.  Her two besties are Nana (pronounced with a French accent) and Hoot.  She totes them everywhere and in the mornings they can be found propped up against her crib rails in a friendship circle of conversation.  “So tell me about your night, Hoot. Whadya dream about?”  Well, maybe not quite like that.  We love to sit and watch her on the monitor, our little blondie forming bonds and secret code, the ringleader amongst her crew.  They had to be captured, too.  It’s a part of her that we don’t ever want to forget.

Photographs like these are where I find my “happy.”  True moments of romping children and families just being themselves, in all their natural beauty.  In their element, in love with their spouses, their children, or even just their fuzzy friends.  I believe that we all hold our own unique beauty and I relish in shining a light on that.

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