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Laura Gattis Photography

Laura Gattis
Laura Gattis Photography
South Tampa, FL

Becoming two.  It’s an official passage into toddlerhood, personalities blooming, and the delicate balance between finding their own stride in this magical world while desparately holding on to the sweet innocence.  The dance that happens at this age is magnificent.  As a parent, there are daily occurrences that make you smile so big that your cheeks hurt.  I want to desparately bottle them up and hold on to them forever.  I want to look at images and be reminded exactly who this little girl was, exactly at this moment.  My 2-year old, her teepee, and a field.  Put them together and magic happens.  This is me, holding on.

Tampa Bay Area photographer Laura Gattis Photography specializes in beautifully styled, natural light maternity, newborn, child, and family photography.  Families, children, bellies; they change and evolve so quickly.  Laura Gattis freezes these moments in time in her unique fresh style, capturing the innocence and love for years to come, and offering a photo shoot experience you won’t soon forget.

gattis_IMG_6464_ME gattis_IMG_6481_ME gattis_IMG_6488_ME gattis_IMG_6496_ME gattis_IMG_6500_ME gattis_IMG_6501_ME gattis_IMG_6502_ME gattis_IMG_6505_ME gattis_IMG_6515_ME gattis_IMG_6518_ME gattis_IMG_6520_ME gattis_IMG_6523_ME gattis_IMG_6524_ME gattis_IMG_6527_ME gattis_IMG_6542_ME gattis_IMG_6545_ME gattis_IMG_6547_ME gattis_IMG_6556_ME gattis_IMG_6557_ME gattis_IMG_6558_ME gattis_IMG_6559_ME gattis_IMG_6573_ME gattis_IMG_6575_ME gattis_IMG_6591_ME-2 gattis_IMG_6611_ME gattis_IMG_6631_ME gattis_IMG_6635_ME gattis_IMG_6640_ME gattis_IMG_6648_ME

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