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Lana Griffin Photography

Lana Griffin
Lana Griffin Photography
South Hamilton, MA

I’m a documentary lifestyle photographer who’s passion is to find and capture storytelling moments with each image. I love working with natural light and documenting each family’s personality. After all, everyone has a unique story, right? I seriously can’t get over the amazing privilege that I have, as I get to do what I do best and bless others with many amazing memories!

Documenting this family’s ordinary day was a ton of fun! Native to New Mexico, they all enjoy varying kinds of authentic, spicy yumminess coupled with a lot of laughter! I asked Candis, the beautiful mama of this family, to describe her family in just a few words and her answer was this: loud, crazy, chaotic, close, real, honest and loving! I think that’s a pretty accurate description of this joyous family! We started our session inside their home and then ventured out into the cold, almost record-breaking snow-yyy streets of Massachusetts!

For more images/story, feel free to visit their blog: Avalos Family

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