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L.A. Photography

Lauren Anna Mills
L.A. Photography
Mansfield, OH

I am a lifestyle traveling photographer from Mansfield, Ohio. I have a knack for capturing people’s true beauty. I shoot everything from families to weddings and enjoy shooting everything in between!

Every photographer feels that urge to go shoot. It’s in our DNA. The moment that creative blood starts to flow, I know I can always count on one of my sisters to let me capture them. This time, my sister Senah Elise was the lucky one. We chased the light and came across some seriously beautiful images. Golden hour is my absolute favorite time to shoot. You can’t beat the sun flares, the way the light hits each individual strand of hair, or the way the sun fills the frame. I usually am constantly talking to myself about how beautiful each shot I capture is. There is nothing like taking a moment in time and forever freezing it for the world to see.

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