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Kristy Powell, Birth Photographer & Doula

Kristy Powell
Kristy Powell, Birth Photographer & Doula
Princeton, NJ

I am a maternity, birth, and newborn photographer based in Princeton, New Jersey. I tell the stories of expanding families and capture the intimate details of early motherhood. I aim to capture the authentic connections people share with one another in both the once-in-a-lifetime, as well as the seemingly mundane moments.

This session was such a treat as it was my first mostly outdoors newborn session. This sweet family was gearing up to move home to Canada so we captured a few photos of them in their home (that is, what of their home wasn’t in boxes), and then made our way outside, where toddlers are often happiest. My favorite thing about this session was the utter lack of interventions I had to make. The family interacted, seeming to fall more in love than they were the moments before, and I followed them, finding the necessary light for the shots. It was such a delight!

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