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Kristen Booth

Kristen Booth
Southern California

I have become great friends with my website designer, Julie Story. We connected online, a few years back, and bonded over our mutual love for tulle, glitter, and all things pink. She ended up building the website of my DREAMS and throughout the process, I got to know her so well. For this shoot, I wanted to give her a magical experience that would make her feel like the princess she is. She is such a ray of sunshine, always encouraging and loving on others and I wanted this shoot to reflect the bit of sparkle she brings to those around her.

Makeup by Ryan Colket
Headpieces by Love Sparkle Pretty

Julie-Story-02 Julie-Story-04 Julie-Story-05 Julie-Story-08 Julie-Story-10 Julie-Story-13 Julie-Story-14 Julie-Story-16 Julie-Story-17 Julie-Story-18 Julie-Story-20 Julie-Story-28 Julie-Story-29 Julie-Story-33 Julie-Story-34 Julie-Story-35 Julie-Story-37 Julie-Story-38 Julie-Story-40 Julie-Story-41 Julie-Story-42 Julie-Story-44 Julie-Story-45 Julie-Story-49 Julie-Story-52 Julie-Story-54

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