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Krista Campbell Photography

Krista Campbell Roth
Krista Campbell Photography
Bentonville, Arkansas

My name is Krista… lover of vintage props, golden fields and buttery backlight and mamarrazi extraordinaire to a 5 year old who dons pink tutus and cowgirl boots.  I am also a natural-light, on-location portrait photographer from Northwest Arkansas.  It is my goal to capture with my camera those little moments that make life special.  I love taking ordinary locations and turning them into something magical by shooting wide open, from a low angle and utilizing the light to my advantage.  My family and I moved to Northwest Arkansas from Phoenix about a year ago.  My 5 year old daughter has never seen snow, made a snowman or gone sledding before.  A few weeks ago it finally snowed here and I took my daughter out in the morning light to capture the gorgeous winter quilt and her excitement as she experienced snow for the very first time.

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