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Kelly Potter Photography

Kelly Potter
Kelly Potter Photography
Tomball, TX

This session was amazing! Rachel has such great style. She even won best dressed in her class (I mean obviously! Look at her!). During our session we just wondered around the main street of downtown Tomball, finding little nooks and crannies to shoot in. She is such a beautiful spirit and I think it really shines through in her photos. We wanted a retro vibe for the vintage car (it was her dad’s and was so fun to shoot with!) and then more of a sunny/bohemian feel for her floral crown outfit. As a photographer this was a dream to shoot!! I really strive to give each senior a very personal and creative experience; by the end of the session we are getting super creative and making some gorgeous photos! Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from our session!  Check out more HERE. (coming soon)

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