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Katie Woody Photography

Katie Woody
Katie Woody Photography
Olton, TX

Last year I became “Aunt KT” to Owen and it really is the best title in the world!  Being a part of this kid’s life is so much fun!  He is the happiest kid I know and has such a sweet and goofy personality.  I went to hang out with Owen and his mom April on a Saturday morning.  I wanted to take some photos of him in this stage of life with that sweet smile, wild hair, and playful spirit.  It ended up being one of my very favorite sessions.  I am a big fan of lifestyle images and photographing families in their own environment.  Owen loved rolling around on the bed playing with the pillows.  After he wore himself out and took a nap, he was ready to play again, this time with mom.  I believe the connection between a parent and child is so special.  I love capturing those joyful, fleeting moments to bring back memories later.  I am a photographer based in Texas with a passion for families and relationships.

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