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Kathleen Amelia – Photographer

Kathleen Stivers
Kathleen Amelia – Photographer
Temecula, CA

Here is a photo shoot that I did on film for a project I am working on called, “We All Wear Masks.”

The shoot was taken in Temecula, CA on a beautiful evening.  The equipment used was my Canon 1V – 50mm 1.2L & Portra 400 film.  (B&W photos were done through photoshop.) I think the desert background was the perfect location for my vision of the shoot.  Model Shaina had never been in front of the camera professionally, and you would have never known.  She did amazing and is so beautiful!  Her red lips were perfect against her pale skin.  The idea of her wearing a mask signifies, that we all wear masks.  In some form or another.  [mask, mahsk] verb:to disguise or conceal; hide; dissemble.

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