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Kate Callahan Photography

Kate Callahan
Kate Callahan Photography
Newark, DE

Every year, fall swoops in and kicks my butt. I know that every portrait photographer can relate to this. So as the slower pace of January sets in, I usually try and schedule some shoots just for me. It’s my chance to shoot for no reason at all other than to celebrate my original love of photographing children. I was walking in a state park the other day and saw a small patch of tall grass and I just knew that I wanted to do something there. I didn’t really care what … just something. A few days later, I was back with a ridiculously precious little one to see what would transpire. I didn’t have a specific image in my mind … I wanted to just let whatever was going to happen … happen. I asked her to pick a dress that made her feel pretty. She chose the dress she had worn when she was a flower girl in her aunt’s wedding. It was chilly, so I brought along a shawl and we also brought one of her prettiest coats. I usually try and ask kids for their input on things like their clothes or accessories because it helps to get them extra excited. I think that’s what I love most about photographing children. When they have the chance to express themselves, something incredible always happens. We shot for about 10 minutes in that one little patch of grass. For me, it was like 10 minutes of therapy : )

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