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Kara Layne & Co.

Full name: Kara Layne
Business name: Kara Layne & Co.
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona and serving the West Coast. My approach to photographing lifestyles is a blend of posed portraits and organic candids done in a fine art style. This particular photo shoot took place at a lake in the middle of the Arizona desert. Mom and Dad were expecting their third little one and the glow that Mom exuded could not be contained. It was a beautiful setting to an even more beautiful piece of their story. It is photo shoots like this that remind me of the thrill it is to create lifestyle portraits and document people’s lives.

KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_01 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_02 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_03 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_04 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_05 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_06 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_07 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_08 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_09 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_10 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_11 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_12 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_13 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_14 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_15 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_16 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_17 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_18 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_19 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_20 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_21 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_22 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_23 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_24 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_25 KaraLayneAndCo_MaternityFeature_26

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