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Juneberry Photo

Jessie Kenney
Juneberry Photo
Southern California

This session was photographed in Temecula’s sprawling wine country. I have lived in this city for almost 10 years now and, funny enough, hardly ever shoot in this location. After this session, I may have to remedy that! When Lauren arrived to have her hair and makeup done, she was already stunning…a natural beauty in it’s greatest sense. After the chair turned and I saw the transformation, I was blown away by her. She was flawless and I knew we were about to have an amazing afternoon. Our mission statement for the seniors that walk in our door is , and always will be, “Come as you are, and we will show you how wonderful you are through someone else’s eyes.” (or lens in my case). Not everyone can see the beauty they have inside them…but it’s there in all of us. Sometimes we just need someone else to point it out. I think that is what attracts most photographer’s to the senior industry. There is a special connection when you can make a teen feel confident and beautiful.

We had a great time touring a couple wineries and took full advantage of the golden light and stunning architecture of each building. I have gained a new love for shooting in locations with structures as opposed to open fields, which were usually my “go to” places. I love the simplicity in the lines of buildings and finding interesting details like the colored tiles on the stairs. I feel it helps me cut down on props and I am able to find inspiration from my surroundings. I still love a good field but it’s fun to switch things up and keep it fresh!

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