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Julia Lauren Photography

Lauren Stohlman
Julia Lauren Photography
Dallas, Texas

I fall in love with photography more and more, year after year.  And I am so thankful that this is what I get to do everyday.  I am entering my 5th year in business and honestly feel that I am just now finally in my ‘zone’, finding my identity as a photographer.  My goal this year was to create a cohesive brand and look, so that clients and followers could go to my website, instagram and Facebook, and know immediately what I do and what my style is.  It might have taken me five years to get to this point, a long time for some, but I’m truly thankful for the lessons learned along the way.   

This lifestyle newborn session was a dream come true for me – amazing natural light throughout, a wardrobe for the magazines, and a beautiful family inside and out.  This also was shot in a two bedroom apartment, so it is a great reminder that as photographers, we don’t need a ton of space, a designer nursery, or a huge home – just great light, and clients that listen to your advice and direction on styling.  I’ve learned it really is the little things that create beautiful photographs.

Lila-3 Lila-8 Lila-19 Lila-23 Lila-31 Lila-36 Lila-38 Lila-44 Lila-48 Lila-50 Lila-56 Lila-69 Lila-84 Lila-86 Lila-89 Lila-92 Lila-96 Lila-102 Lila-104 Lila-106 Lila-108 Lila-110 Lila-112 Lila-113 Lila-118 Lila-120 Lila-122 Lila-126 Lila-127 Lila-130 Lila-132 Lila-136 Lila-144 Lila-152 Lila-156 Lila-158

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