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Josh Morehouse Photography

Josh Morehouse
Josh Morehouse Photography
Lima, OH

Josh is a 19 year old lifestyle photographer based in Lima, OH. He’s had a passion for photography since he was 13 years old, and his passion only cotinues to grow stronger. For this session, he wanted to try out some new locations that he’s been dying to use. He wanted to keep it simple and fun, but at the same time, do something different from anything else he’s ever done. With is being a little chilly in Ohio, he thought it would be cool to do a winter inspired photo shoot. With several ideas in his mind, him and his model Caitlynn made their way out to a local reservoir, woods, and an abandoned house. After the very first shot, he knew the entire session was going to be something special.  After 2 hours of shooting, and driving inbetween locations, these are the final results. He has big plans for his buisiness and even bigger dreams the he hopes to someday come true. He feels extremly blessed and honored to have family & friends who supports him in this journey!

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