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Jenni Jones Photography

Jenni Jones
Jenni Jones Photography
Austin, TX

Little Britton was absolutely delicious (amiright?!) and his big sister adored him.  I mean, she was so excited for her “baby B” to arrive, she almost couldn’t stand it.  And she couldn’t wait to have her picture taken with him!  While I was there, Britton was getting a diaper change and he really really did not like it.  Big sis jumps on the bed and says, “Don’t cry! Here, I’ll hold your hand.”  I melted.

I am a part-time, on-location, natural light photographer and a full-time digital marketer.  My style is simple and neutral, with a bit of an organic feel.  I fell in love with shooting newborns from day one and never looked back.  I am also mom to two shockingly handsome dogs, Buster and Ernie, and am gifted in the art of finding humor in just about anything.

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