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Jenna McElroy Photography

Jenna McElroy
Jenna McElroy Photography
Houston, TX

Portraits are my favorite. They’re so special because you get to know the person on a deeper level, and get to help share their story and their heart through the images. During this portrait session, I wanted to capture the natural and sweet spirit of Victoria. Her beauty was captivating and I felt like I really got to connect with her. I think these images capture who Victoria truly is – a dreamer who’s beauty shines from within.

victoria-2 victoria-3 victoria-4 victoria-5 victoria-7 victoria-8 victoria-9 victoria-12 victoria-13 victoria-14 victoria-15 victoria-16 victoria-17 victoria-18 victoria-19 victoria-20 victoria-21 victoria-22 victoria-23 victoria-24 victoria-25 victoria-26 victoria-27 victoria-28 victoria-29 victoria-30 victoria-31 victoria-32

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