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Jasmin Chen Photography

Jasmin Chen
Jasmin Chen Photography
Sugar Land, TX

My name is Jasmin Chen. I’m a lifestyle photographer from Sugar Land, Texas. My Colombian and Lebanese background, as well as my Taiwanese husband, has blessed me with a wonderful, diverse life filled with joy and laughter. I love to lift weights, travel, and, of course, take pictures! I started my business six years ago and I have been in love with photography ever since.

The incredibly sweet Hillier family drove an entire hour to come see from the Woodlands, Texas! They were patient, kind, and made the session super fun with their laughs and perfect harmony with one another. The camera loved them almost as much as you could tell that they loved each other! The beautiful sunlight was a perfect compliment to the children’s contagious smiles. With their lovely personalities and joy-filled faces, I knew I would be able to capture the perfect picture every time!

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