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Jamie Rae Photo

Jamie Fisher
Jamie Rae Photo
Portland, OR

Fall light in Oregon is nothing short of romantic.  The cool breeze seems to startle the sun and we are always left with a bit of expectation and excitement in the air.  What a perfect backdrop this was for Joe and Katy, our two models, who although are already married, carry with them that inspiring “just met” sense of love.

I am a natural light photographer who specializes in weddings and seniors, and I’ve recently added mentoring sessions for beginner photographers.  These image of Joe and Katy were a “mock engagement” and the session structured for learning. While I taught my lovely student Bie about light, mechanics, and subject interaction, these two melted comfortably together in front of our cameras.

jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission2 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission3 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission4 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission5 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission6 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission7 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission8 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission9 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission10 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission11 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission12 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission13 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission14 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission15 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission16 (1 of 1) jamieraephoto_Lemonadeandlenses_blogsubmission17 (1 of 1)

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