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Jalisse Photography

Jalisse Bechtel
Jalisse Photography
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello There! My name is Jalisse Bechtel and I am the proud owner of Jalisse Photography in Calgary, Alberta. I currently welcome all sessions great or small, as I want to challenge my photography passion! This session in particular was meant to help me better photograph MEN. My summer is jam-packed with weddings, as many can relate, and I always seem a bit hesitant when photographing the groom alone. How the heck do you pose a groom aside from the arms crossed and hands in the pocket?

Well, I thought I would take it upon myself to find out. And who better to experiment with than my own husband?! After a long workday he agreed to have me take him out to the beautiful countryside for a ‘quick’ photo session. Little did he know that we would be spending the next couple hours trekking through the trees and enjoying every minute of it! As long as you have a vision for it, the possibilities are endless! Needless to say, I gained great confidence in understanding male photography (definitely a win-win!).

JCP_01 JCP_02 JCP_03 JCP_04 JCP_05 JCP_06 JCP_07 JCP_08 JCP_09 JCP_10 JCP_11 JCP_12 JCP_13 JCP_14 JCP_15 JCP_16 JCP_17 JCP_18 JCP_19 JCP_20 JCP_21 JCP_22 JCP_23 JCP_24 JCP_25 JCP_26 JCP_27 JCP_28 JCP_29 JCP_30 JCP_31 JCP_32

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