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Jackie Willome Photography

Jackie Willome
Jackie Willome Photography
Austin- San Antonio, Texas

I’m Jackie Willome and I’m a story teller. I’ve been carrying around a camera for as long as I can remember and am thrilled that I get to call photography my “job”. Capturing the everyday, the little details that make up the complete story is what I am passionate about. I’m passionate about lifestyle sessions but find great inspiration in styled sessions and concepts.

With Michelle’s session, Heather Moore Photography and I, collaborated on the concept of contrast – dark & light – sweet & sexy. We were thrilled to find the perfect model who could pull off a sweet-soft  look for the first part of the session and then by just adding a bit of eyeliner and a whole different attitude, could be edgy and sexy. These were shot in my recently opened photography studio in San Antonio, Texas. Heather Moore of Heather Moore Photography did the beautiful floral design.

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