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Izzy Fotografie

Izabella Flieger
Izzy Fotografie
Den Bosch, The Netherlands

I am a family and wedding photographer based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. In my photography, I have a journalistic approach, capturing moments as they unfold, with minimal to no intervention.

This gorgeous family of my friend (who by the way is a talented photographer herself) was in for a totally natural, non-posed documentary photo shoot. We started by capturing some photos at their home, where they were having fun just hanging out together. The weather on that October day was beautiful, so later on we went for a long walk in a forest nearby. I enjoyed every second spent with this beautiful family!

documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 001 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 002 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 003 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 004 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 005 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 006 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 007 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 008 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 009 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 010 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 011 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 012 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 013 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 014 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 015 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 016 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 017 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 018 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 019 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 020 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 021 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 022 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 023 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 024 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 025 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 026 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 027 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 028 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 029 documentary-family-photographer-netherlands 030

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