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Hylah Hedgepeth Photography

Hylah Hedgepeth
Hylah Hedgepeth Photography
Los Angeles, CA

I’m a natural light portrait photographer in Los Angeles and I specialize in maternity and families. I’m also a mom, a gardener, and an enthusiastic home cook. Keala Rose is an especially good-natured, three-year-old beauty. I photographed this mini session during the last 20 minutes of daylight in Malibu, and she kept glancing over her shoulder at the setting sun to see if it was “in bed” for the evening yet. I suggested the beach for this shoot, knowing that the tones of the landscape would complement her coloring beautifully.

Hylah_Hedgepeth_01 Hylah_Hedgepeth_02 Hylah_Hedgepeth_03 Hylah_Hedgepeth_04 Hylah_Hedgepeth_05 Hylah_Hedgepeth_06 Hylah_Hedgepeth_07 Hylah_Hedgepeth_08 Hylah_Hedgepeth_09 Hylah_Hedgepeth_10 Hylah_Hedgepeth_11 Hylah_Hedgepeth_12 Hylah_Hedgepeth_13 Hylah_Hedgepeth_14

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