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Harlow Bliss Photography

Angela Scheiderich
Harlow Bliss Photography
Clinton, NY

I’ve titled this the “Milkmaid Braid Shoot.” My mother in law gave me a couple sundresses that were my husband’s sisters. One of his sisters doesn’t have children and the other sadly passed away when she was 12 years old in 1988. My daughter, Bridget (3 years old), was named after her. My husband’s heritage is German (if you can’t tell by the last name!) so I wanted to play up the look. I am a natural light photographer and use this spot at Hamilton College all the time for my shoots and wanted to do something special for my daughter to honor her Aunt.

milkmaidbraid01 milkmaidbraid02 milkmaidbraid03 milkmaidbraid04 milkmaidbraid05 milkmaidbraid06 milkmaidbraid07 milkmaidbraid08 milkmaidbraid09 milkmaidbraid10 milkmaidbraid11 milkmaidbraid12 milkmaidbraid13 milkmaidbraid14 milkmaidbraid15 milkmaidbraid16 milkmaidbraid17 milkmaidbraid18 milkmaidbraid19 milkmaidbraid20 milkmaidbraid21 milkmaidbraid22 milkmaidbraid23 milkmaidbraid24 milkmaidbraid25 milkmaidbraid26 milkmaidbraid27

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