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Happy Photographer​

Melanie Caitlin​
Happy Photographer​
Haarlem, Netherlands (Amsterdam Area)​

My name is Melanie Caitlin, I’m a fulltime family photographer from the Netherlands. I love capturing the energy, the love and the craziness that families have about them. I am also the only photographer in my country to give workshops solely focused on family photography.

I really wanted to do something different with the lull that is winter for us location photographers and at the same time show families that booking a session in winter is actually pretty awesome. I, for one, adore winter time, so we went and made it SUPER wintery with blankets and hot chocolate – the whole nine yards. The images have that cosy Christmassy feel to me, sprinkled with a little bit of rawness thanks to the storm winds we were shooting in.​
Happy-Photographer-1 Happy-Photographer-2 Happy-Photographer-4 Happy-Photographer-5 Happy-Photographer-6 Happy-Photographer-7 Happy-Photographer-8 Happy-Photographer-9 Happy-Photographer-10 Happy-Photographer-11 Happy-Photographer-12 Happy-Photographer-13 Happy-Photographer-14 Happy-Photographer-18 Happy-Photographer-19 Happy-Photographer-20

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