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Hannah Mann | Boise, Idaho Film Photographer

Hannah Mann
Boise, Idaho

I photographed this session while on a trip to California with my family. The spring weather was stunning, but as any photographer who has spent any time around bright spring grass knows, it’s incredibly challenging to photograph in. The color casts were intense, and though I rarely use my reflector, I totally relied on it for this entire session. It was a lifesaver! That, and film of course – which I absolutely love for its ability to handle harsh light so beautifully.

I had never seen this location before – though I’m from California myself, I’m from the southern end of the state and had never been to this area (close to San Francisco). Choosing a location from another state was very challenging, but my clients had seen this spot before and assured me it would be perfect – and it was! There were actually cows all over when we first arrived and I had hoped to get photos with them in the background, but they left quickly and I wasn’t able to capture them. Next time! ;)

I’m a film photographer based in Boise, Idaho. I love photographing almost everything, but families hold a special place in my heart and are what I base my business around.

I love beautiful images and settings of course (who doesn’t!), but I can’t get excited unless my images communicate more than beauty. I need meaning in my photos – connection and emotion and that intangible ‘something’ that makes both myself and my clients truly happy.

I am also a wife and a mother to three children, and I homeschool my oldest. Balancing work with the many other ‘jobs’ I currently hold in this stage of life is no easy task, and it means that I keep photography work light and never overcommit. I know with certainty in what order my priorities lie, and family is first, even during the stages where photography feels more fun and rewarding (because every parent knows there are days when disappearing into work is easier!). I am so, so grateful for the role that photography has played in my life and the way it fits into my role as a mother so well – even if ‘balance’ nearly always feels out of reach, these two jobs fit together as beautifully as I could ever hope for!

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