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GRA Photography

Georgia Rachael Ainley
GRA Photography
Suffolk, UK

Danielle (the model) hand made the floral crowns you see in the images, and she even let me keep them.

She’s due in January, this is her 2nd babba. Working with her was such a collaborative experience, as she’s an artistic person herself – she draws ink & watercolour artwork. She even braved a shot in the buff for this session.

Myself, I’m a photographer based in Suffolk (UK) and have been doing this for almost 2 years now. I cry easily at the most mundane things, so I’m often left tearful at the end of an intimate session like this one.

_gra9004 _gra9017 _gra9020 _gra9032 _gra9040 _gra9045 _gra9124 _gra9130 _gra9132 _gra9136 _gra9138 _gra9143 _gra9148 _gra9150 _gra9151 _gra9152 _gra9153

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