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Ginny Haupert Photography

Ginny Haupert
Ginny Haupert Photography
Tacoma, Washington

I am self taught photographer based out of the Tacoma area in Washington State. I do all kinds of portraits from newborn to weddings, specializing in Glamour.  I love doing out of the box type sessions. Being creative
is what keeps my business and my soul running full speed. This session I actually did back in my home state of Minnesota. The couple wanted a Bollywood themed shoot and being in Minnesota there is not desert or mountains so I had to get creative. I found an amazing construction zone that had huge mounds that from the distance looked like mountains. The ground was so dry at the time that the ground began to crack making it appear desert like. I took them out at golden hour and I was so pleased with how it all fell together. My favorite shots are the ones where the wind took her sari. Absolutely one of my favorite sessions!

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