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Gillian Claire

Gillian Reinhardt
Gillian Claire
Myrtle Beach, SC

Being a photographer and having another photographer who you admire call and ask you to create some beautiful portraits for their family is a very humbling experience.  Pasha of Pasha Belman Photography called me up one day and said that he and Natalia had been enjoying seeing my work since I had gone away from digital and back to shooting film, and they were looking to get some lighthearted family portraits done!  This little family is just so sweet and their daughter is such a bubbly personality.  We probably had more fun than we were supposed to.  We chose Debordieu (shoot location – Debordieu Colony, Georgetown, South Carolina) because it embodies so much of what the low country is about – large oak trees and stunning beaches.

My transition back to film has been difficult, but worth the work.  I run a boutique studio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I specialize in weddings and families.  I strive to photograph people and their personalities, and create portraits of not just what they look like, but who they are.

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