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From Stardust Photography | Oakland, California

Sasha Przybyla
From Stardust Photography
Oakland, California

While I was comfortable taking pictures of energetic toddlers and kids with their families, I was a little unsure about dogs and their even shorter attention spans. Luckily, these two dogs Mochi and Kimchi had all the cuteness to make up for what they lack in attention span. To their credit, they respond well to the word “SNACK!”. I wanted the shots to be cheerful and full of springtime and sunshine to reflect the happy energy that pets bring to our lives. We took advantage of the beautiful morning sunlight that was peeking in and out of the fog and the gorgeous blooms currently happening along the bay in Richmond to get these shots.

My approach to photography is inspired by my love of film and the sometimes unpredictable quality of it: it’s less about perfection but about capturing genuine moments artfully and freely. I shoot both digital and film and no matter which medium, I love to play with natural light to create a warm and soft aesthetic in my photos. My style is natural and relaxed, nothing too dramatic or posed, because I believe just capturing the true joy of people in love is enough to make a photo special.

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