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Frit~Fru Photography

Rachel Sullivan
Frit~Fru Photography
Monroe, WA

I would like to take full credit for styling this shoot, but it was the creative efforts of the ambitious six year old model. The details came from the desire to live out her first memories of when she was four years old and wanted to be both a ballerina AND a lion tamer! Her nine year old dog, her most favorite friend in the world, made for a perfect “lion.” An old dance recital costume, a hula hoop, plus a tutu for the “lion,” and a lion-taming ballerina was born! I am a girl who loves anything fancy and it’s my strong belief that it doesn’t have to be over the top! I always bring a little fancy to my photography by giving each shoot extra time and planning. I live in western Washington, with my dynamic daughter and my all-American hero husband, where we love to do anything outside (cameras in hand)!

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