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Fresh Light Photography

Leigh Ripps
Fresh Light Photography
Houston, Texas

Pregnancy is filled with waiting. Dreaming. Quiet exhilaration. Tender moments that only a mother and her unborn child share. Pregnancy is the ultimate experience in femininity. Creating and holding life in a way only a woman can. I believe in photography that documents that time in a quiet and gentle way.

This session took place in the morning at my natural light studio in historic downtown Humble. We chose clothing from my studio closet that echoed the soft anticipation that we hoped to capture. Texture was also an important element that we incorporated in subtle, but thoughtful ways. During the session, I gently directed Laura to be comfortable and then dream about baby Henry. What he would look like? How would he laugh? How would his hair smell?  These are the results.

I am a self-taught, natural light photographer. I specialize in simple, organic photography that documents the quiet moments and small details that are so easy to miss, and desperately missed when they are gone.

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