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Fresco Fotografie

Liesbeth Parlevliet
Fresco Fotografie
Voorhout, the Netherlands

I shot this young family in their beautiful home. Mom and dad were naturals and their sweet baby boy (with the cutest name ever: Jazz!) did so well. I photographed bathing, feeding, sleeping, and playing. Days with a little one like that are full of love. <3 Lifestyle sessions, where people are not scared to show emotions, make me melt. I love, love, love my job.

frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-1 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-2 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-3 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-4 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-5 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-6 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-7 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-8 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-9 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-10 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-11 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-12 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-13 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-14 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-15 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-16 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-17 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-18 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-19 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-20 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-21 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-22 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-23 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-24 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-25 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-26 frescofotografie2014-baby jazz-27

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