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Foxtale Photography

Wayne and Lucy Smith
Foxtale Photography
Ocala, Florida

One of the things that we love to do is challenge ourselves to come up with interesting concepts for a shoot. We are always looking for ways to inspire our clients and ourselves with every project we take on. This session was part of a personal project we worked on that came together beautifully in the form of our second look book. One of the things that brings us much joy when we work on our personal projects is that we get to work with such talented young ladies and this session was certainly no exception. High school senior, Olivia, dreams of becoming a working model. She knocked this shoot out of the park and we are sure that she’ll soon make her dream a reality. With this particular shoot, we wanted it to have a very strong editorial twist, so that’s exactly what we did. We played a little more with shadows and composition to create that effect and Olivia got to show off her best super model poses and expression for us.

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