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Four J Photography

Jennifer Rickard
Four J Photography
Lafayette, LA

Hey there! I’m Jen with Four J Photography out of Lafayette, Louisiana. I have been photographing seniors for three years and I love it more with each senior I get to photograph. I am always pushing myself to learn and grow, so I decided to try shooting a style that is unlike my norm. I went for the dreamy, soft, hazy style with all the feels. An added bonus is that now my senior models have something very unique in their portfolios! This year I have a fabulous team of 10 models and we decided to have some fun over their Thanksgiving break! They all loved the idea of a boho shoot, so I Googled how to make a tee-pee and found a gorgeous field to shoot in. We had so much fun and luckily didn’t see any snakes.  We all explored different movements and emotions for this shoot, and I was so pleased with the results!
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