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Four Corners Photography

Natalie Jackson
Four Corners Photography
Atlanta, GA

My approach to newborn photography is not one that focuses solely on baby. I strive to capture the  intimacy and mature love between parents, as they are the core of the family unit, in addition to the fresh and new love they feel towards their new addition. The world tells us that intimacy after a newborn is not quite the same as it was before, but I don’t believe that. The spark is still there, but in a refreshed, playful and more relaxed way than ever before. Through the late nights and inexplicable baby messes, those early moments are precious for parenthood and bonding in ways that you never quite imagined. This session is everything I could dream of in capturing that intimacy and love between mom and dad as well as their overjoyed hearts for their sweet baby girl!

Derr WEb-1 Derr WEb-3 Derr WEb-6 Derr WEb-7 Derr WEb-9 Derr WEb-10 Derr WEb-14 Derr WEb-15 Derr WEb-17 Derr WEb-18 Derr WEb-19 Derr WEb-21 Derr WEb-23 Derr WEb-24 Derr WEb-25 Derr WEb-27 Derr WEb-29 Derr WEb-30

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