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For The Love Of Horses

Rachel Jane Thomas
For The Love Of Horses
Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

Hi! I’m Rachel and I specialise in equine photography. Using both film and digital, I create romantic portraits of girls and their horses. For The Love Of Horses was launched at the beginning of June 2015 when I decided to move away from wedding photography (Rachel Jane Photography) and concentrate on my passion for capturing light-filled horse portraits. My blog is an online resource for equine lovers and features useful articles and posts from within the industry. I also offer mentoring to other equine photographers.

Session – Hannah & Murphy: Hannah won a competition I was running on Facebook before my launch, but we waited for a pretty summer’s evening to do the shoot. The session actually started off quite badly as Murphy wasn’t relaxing at all. He is blind in one eye, which doesn’t help! We moved locations to a place where his horse friends were and he started to chill out. After that he was probably a bit too chilled and started to nod off! This gave us the opportunity to get some lovely shots of Hannah sat at his feet. Perfect!

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